There are a lot of aspects that go into the meaning of Surveillance as it can be broken down into different categories. The main aspect of understanding what you want with this type of service is knowing how you want it. From a cheating spouse, to simply keeping you safe from threats of the real world, we take every case as original as the one before. Here's what we look into specifically as we hope it narrows down what you are looking for.

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Cheating Significant Others

No one likes a cheater, but many still have the tendency to do so. Hearing about your partner's disloyalty can be very disturbing, but knowing the truth is also important. Not knowing the red flags can put you in an emotionally dangerous and tiring situation. It's good to notice the signs ahead of time and mentally prepare for a bad ending.

In many cases, lack of expertise in finding the signs in the relationship is the trend of failure within calling out your partner. falsely accusing your significant of cheating or being dishonest can be jeopardizing without knowing all the facts beforehand; However, with some difficulty along the way, it is possible to spot the inconsistencies in lots of cases.

If you're even in the slightest suspicious, there are ways to do this the right way and it can be by hiring some help.



The most effective tool in these typs of investigations is the effective use of covert surveillance, which is by far the best and often the only option when investigating and documenting a person's movements, injuries and behaviors. Whether documenting insurance fraud, employee compensation fraud, or personal injury, there is no better way to document evidence than conclusive video evidence in a fraud investigation. People can lie, but videos can't. Multiple times over the years, the only way to keep you or your company from losing millions of dollars in fraud was video evidence from a proper fraud invesitgation.


Technical Surveillance

With an increasing array of options at our disposal, the right pieces of tech such as GPS tracking and other digital monitoring equipment can help determine the outcome of almost any case. It's very difficult to find to be completely discrete in this day and age, which can be really helpful if you're needing to get work done at a timely manner.

You can customize and create a variety of hidden video cameras and the GPS tracking devices that are virtually undetectable in indoor or outdoor locations. It uses military covert surveillance cameras and GPS tracking devices combined with state-of-the-art monitoring systems to provide accurate location and real-time data. Thus, providing technical oversight and assemble Intel in areas or events that are normally not possible due to enhanced security or privacy and arbitrary requirements.

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