Background Checks

Conducting a background check is your chance to clarify and certify information given by your job candidate. It will uncover information that was either mistakenly or intentionally not included - such as residency in other locations where a criminal record can be found. These reports result in a safe and more reliable workplace and are a useful risk management asset that have been seen to sort out a bad hire.

Background checks help note dates of attendance and degrees or certifications earned and can provide specific feedback about prior employment opportunities.

Level 2 Screenings

Level Two Background are typically required with more intricate and high level titles as it asks for more information on the hire.

  • State and national fingerprint-based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses

  • Applies to those employees designated by law as holding positions of responsibility or trust.

Digital Fingerprint Scannings

  • AHCA Background Screening

    • (Agency for Healthcare Administration) Includes a​ll healthcare providers. DOH License Screening - MD, DO, RN, LPN, PA, ARNP, CNA, and other license applicants.

  • DCF Background Screening​

    • (Department of Children and Families) For personnel in Childcare, Mental Health, Developmentally Disabled Care, and Summer Camp Programs. Consumer must present a valid OCA# number issued by regional DCF office.​

  • APD Background Screening​

    • (Agency for Persons with disabilities) Including CDC+, Medicaid Waiver, Support Coordinators and Group Homes. Consumer must present a valid OCA# number issued by regional DCF office​

  • DHSMV Background Screening​​

    • (Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) For Motor vehicles, mobile homes and recreational vehicle dealers' licensees, Commercial driving school instructors, agents and employees.​

  • VECHS Program​

    • (Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System) For qualified entities providing some type of "care" or "care placement services" for children, elderly or disabled.​

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