Services are to be described to you in a way that makes sense and doesn't add any confusion to what you are searching for when dealing with a Private Investigator. We look to provide insight and bring some attention to specific services you are in need of. There is a time and place for each of these assets, so let's figure out what makes sense for your individual case. 

Pre-Employment (Background Checks)

Conducting a background check is your chance to clarify and certify information given by your job candidate. It will uncover information that was either mistakenly or intentionally not included - such as residency in other locations where a criminal record can be found. These reports result in a safe and more reliable workplace and are a useful risk management asset that have been seen to sort out a bad hire.

Background checks help note dates of attendance and degrees or certifications earned and can provide specific feedback about prior employment opportunities.

There are several compelling ideas as to why running a Background Checks on all job applicants is important:

  • To provide a natural safe environment for employees and customers

  • To hire qualified people, who will help to grow, not to diminish 

  • To correct the exposure of employee liability by practicing causation in the hiring portion

  • To encourage integrity and honesty in the application and interview process

  • To discourage applicants to go about hiding informal information on their applications

  • To eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process

  • To not rely on instinct alone

The bottom line is your applicants' history will help determine what kind of behavior a person can have, and a thorough employee background check helps you make an informed choices from such information. Having a background screening program in place can help ensure applicants come about it with more honesty and respect for the place they're choosing to work for.

Level One: State-only name-based check

Level Two: State and national fingerprint-based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses and applies to those employees designated by ;aw as holding positions of responsibility or trust.

Asset Location

Assets can make or break someone, especially when you are in jeopardy of losing out in a battle someone from a past relationship that is now in a state of dissolution. This may be a marriage in the process of divorce or a business partnership that is dissolving. In either scenario, there is a possibility that one the parties is trying to take or hide various jointly owned assets prior to any court settlements in order to deny what may be rightfully yours. You can be placed in the care of asset location to help recapture these lost items if they are entitled to you in any case 

Corporate Compliance

Many companies are looking for the best way to lessen their liability and find peace in decisions they have made in the past whether it be for employees or simply trying to maintain their assets and security for said assets. There are limitless reasons as to why companies choose to comply with PI Firms and it goes the extra mile when you have that type of protection and response rate that you wouldn't find anywhere else. A company can understand and learn information they otherwise wouldn't have known and it gives them a step up on other competitors that may not be taking the same steps to better their business. 

Criminal Case Reviews

There can be situations where someone may question the facts cited by an arresting officer. There is a review conducted on the case through the eyes of former law enforcement. For lawyers and defense counsel, not only will the case be reviewed for true facts, there will also be a follow-up investigation conducted in an effort to seek out additional facts, witnesses, statements, and evidence reviews to help ensure the case has been dealt with properly.

Once a case has been made, you or your defense counsel may wish to have your case looked though. The review is to uncover any inconsistencies, omissions, inaccuracies or procedural errors. It is necessary to have a different set of eyes that can provide intel on anything that needs further explanation. 

Due Diligence

Businesses need to have a proper way to go about transactions through due diligence. A private investigator comes in as a middle man to take away much of the hassle that would otherwise become more prominent. Corporate due diligence provides more than just a standard background check. It places an emphasis on going the extra mile by going more in depth scan for any insecurities 

Missing Persons

People trying to find missing loved ones is always a tough deal. It can be hard to unravel history of the past and it can seem like time has stood still due to the process taking too long in comparison. It's hard to take on a task like this on your own as it an be time consuming and taxing with stress and the inability to get compliance. But thanks to our related experience and our detailed data base system, we have the luxury of looking where no one else can to help better the odds than what were previously instated before. 

Processing Serving

A legal procedure where a person or persons is set out to notify and declare the parities that are going to be facing legal action against them in the court of law or administrative court. This is a process that is fully set up upon the request of who hires us and we do not decide to enforce these acts.

Security Details

Security is of top priority when dealing with private investigators. From bug sweeps to event security, there is no limit in figuring out when and where you need that extra help. There jobs are to look after things that may not be in your forefront such as anticipating scenarios, defuse situations, or ensuring personal safety in any setting you can think of. Through our expertise with loads of training and connections, there is a difference when hiring a private investigator rather than just any random person off the street. We are not simply body guards as we can provide more that can be tailored to your wants and needs. 


There is different ways to view this type of service, but in retrospect, it is a court order that requires someone to attend the court to go to a deposition or give documents and evidence for the person that summons you. We come in to help inform you as well as be used in the court of law.