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Security is of top priority when dealing with private investigators. From bug sweeps to event security, there is no limit in figuring out when and where you need that extra help. There jobs are to look after things that may not be in your forefront such as anticipating scenarios, defuse situations, or ensuring personal safety in any setting you can think of. Through our expertise with loads of training and connections, there is a difference when hiring a private investigator rather than just any random person off the street. We are not simply body guards as we can provide more that can be tailored to your wants and needs.

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What is the difference?

One way to answer the question "What is a private investigator?" is to state that what isn't a private investigator. Private investigators are not law enforcement officers. Government agencies employ law enforcement officers to investigate criminal cases rather than civil cases. Police investigations are conducted by jury law enforcement officers within the framework of the Constitution. Investigations are conducted to determine whether a crime has been committed, to determine who has committed it, and to gather sufficient evidence to present to the prosecutor for trial.

A private investigator is an ordinary citizen hired by an individual to investigate a case. Private investigators are not limited to criminal investigations like the police. As a private investigator, you will usually also investigate civil cases. These issues include, but are not limited to, fraud investigations, background checks, property location investigations, or fraudulent insurance claims. Private detectives can solve crimes, but they work under the direction of their clients, not law enforcement or authorities.

  • We talk to people. (Interviewing and Taking Statements)

  • We find people. (Skip Tracing)

  • We watch people. (Surveillance)

  • We ask about people. (Background Investigations)

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