Process Serving

A legal procedure where a person or persons is set out to notify and declare the parities that are going to be facing legal action against them in the court of law or administrative court. This is a process that is fully set up upon the request of who hires us and we do not decide to enforce these acts.

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Serving a Summons

Private Investigators often have to be subpoenaed in court in civil cases. Most often, the call comes with a complaint. Complaints can be divorce papers or misconduct. In fact, service of divorce papers is one of the most common tasks that private detectives do as an agent. Once the divorce papers and subpoena are served, you can hire a lawyer, file an answer to your complaint, and go to court.


Private Investigators serving divorce papers or subpoenas on other matters also file a so-called “certificate of service” to confirm that they served the papers in the manner required by law.


Serving a Supeonas 

A subpoena is a legal document that requires the person to be served to appear in court or to file certain documents that provide additional information about a particular case. You can file subpoenas for business files, phone calls, and other documents. It is also for witnesses who are required to appear in court and testify to the truth of the case. Attorneys often use private detectives to file subpoenas to ensure that these documents are delivered legally in a timely manner.


Because a subpoena is a court-ordered document, it is often referred to as court forwarding.

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