Patrick McBride

Director of Polygraph Services/Private Investigator

Patrick was born and raised on Long Island, in New York.  After earning a degree in Neuropsychology, Patrick moved from New York to the Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw, Georgia, and began his career as a law enforcement officer with the Cobb County Police Department.  After several years, Patrick and his family moved to Clermont, Florida, where he continued his law enforcement career with the Clermont Police Department.  During his tenure with the Clermont Police Department, Patrick served in a multitude of ways which include, being assigned to the Crime Suppression/Street Crimes Division, SWAT, as well as the Criminal Investigations Division, where he was promoted to Detective Corporal.

During his time in the Criminal Investigations Division, Patrick Attended Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center where he earned his certification in the Psychophysiological Detection of Deception, also known as Polygraph.  Once graduated, Patrick assisted in creating and implementing the Clermont Police Department’s Polygraph policy.  As Detective Corporal, Patrick was tasked with investigating all matters of crimes which included violent persons crimes such as Homicides and Aggravated crimes, as well as Robberies, Sex Crimes, Fraud and property crimes.  In addition to investigating these crimes, Patrick was tasked with reviewing reports, as well as the assignments of cases to fellow detectives and assisted in supervising the Criminal Investigations Division.

Patrick distinguished himself as a Clermont Police Officer by earning the Officer of the Year Award in 2017 as well as being Awarded Officer of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2017, Officer of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2020, in addition to receiving a Life Saving Award.  These awards were earned by Patrick due to diligent investigative efforts in which he was required to coordinate with various different agencies, attorney’s and others to bring closure to several large cases.
Patrick is  deeply devoted to his family, and his community, and approaches everything with methodic tenacity, character, intensity and integrity.