Director of Sales

Karrie-Linn Velms studied and graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a BS in Elementary Education in 1994. Upon graduating from college, Karrie accepted a job with Acme Auto Leasing, LLC in October 1994, assisting them with their expansion from a local car rental company to one of the premier government leasing companies. By 2000, Karrie was promoted to Vice President of Business Development.

In 2010, Karrie accepted a sales position with Mears Motor Leasing/The Bancorp Bank as an AVP. Karrie worked closely with government agencies throughout the United States, concentrating primarily on counties and municipalities, police departments, fire departments, sheriff departments and public works departments, assisting them with their fleet acquisitions. She has racked up around 27 years of sales experience through these ventures.

Karrie will be the company’s Director of Sales, working hands on with bringing in an array of cliental with her impressive network.

PI Force will have many services that Karrie will be responsible for to help generate sales such as: Pre-Employment investigations, Internal Investigations, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance Investigations, Polygraphs, and Criminal Case Reviews.