Internal Invesitgations

We live in an era where governments, the media, and even company employees have sophisticated and ubiquitous control over businesses (and their managers). These Companies regularly faces whistleblower statements, shareholder demands, internal and external audits, subpoenas, negative media reports, and inquiries from government or civil litigation.


Internal investigation is often the best response. A carefully planned and well conducted investigation is important because corporate or administrative misconduct can lead to criminal prosecution, heavy civil fines, substantial damage and negative reputation. If done correctly, an internal investigation can prevent further harm to the company.

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The Purpose

An internal investigation is a formal investigation conducted by a company to determine if a law, regulation or internal policy has been violated and, if so, to recommend corrective action. They are done before serious offenses are committed, but also when there is a substantial likelihood that the company or its employees will violate policies or laws. or, after the potential misconduct, the Company becomes aware of the allegations from outside sources (law enforcement agencies) or inside the Company (whistleblower statements).

The purpose of an inside investigation is to get the facts straight. That is, what happened when the incident occurred, who is responsible, who may have been harmed, and what additional actions are necessary to prevent a recurrence of the alleged offense. A fact-finding process undertaken by the company itself, by its officers, directors, employees as well as a second opinion from an outside source such as a Private Investigator to "bottom-out" potential misconduct.


A good investigation often includes a final report to sustain the findings of the investigation and specific corrective actions the company must take. Here you need legal advice to structure your request and keep the company and related work products safe.

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