Criminal Case Review

There can be situations where someone may question the facts cited by an arresting officer. There is a review conducted on the case through the eyes of former law enforcement. For lawyers and defense counsel, not only will the case be reviewed for true facts, there will also be a follow-up investigation conducted in an effort to seek out additional facts, witnesses, statements, and evidence reviews to help ensure the case has been dealt with properly.

Once a case has been made, you or your defense counsel may wish to have your case looked though. The review is to uncover any inconsistencies, omissions, inaccuracies or procedural errors. It is necessary to have a different set of eyes that can provide intel on anything that needs further explanation. 

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Meaning of Case Review

Manner overview of documents or documentation of postconviction instances of forcible rape, murder, and non-negligent manslaughter through suitable folks which includes prosecutors, public defenders, regulation enforcement personnel, and clinical examiners, that allows you to decide whether or not organic proof might also additionally exist that might (through DNA analysis) display real innocence.

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