Advances in technology allow anyone to record images, videos and voices from the palm of their hand. Using the same technology that makes a smartphone's camera and microphone small, portable, and inconspicuous can create more sensitive and accurate surveillance devices that are cheaper, smaller and easier to hide.

Unfortunately, such devices can be used against you in nefarious ways. This includes fencing your home before a robbery occurs, obtaining personal information and identity theft, obtaining passwords to interfere with your online activity, or obtaining sensitive information from a company.

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The Purpose

If you believe you may be the target of a criminal offense such as this, there are ways you can prevent it. Collectively, these techniques are called counter-observations or counter surveillance. There are simple anti-monitoring measures you can take yourself. However, for a more sophisticated response such as detecting an electronic monitoring device, the help of a major surveillance expert such as a private investigator can often be necessary.

Counter-monitoring involves taking steps to prevent others from observing your activity. You can do this to protect:

  • Security

  • Confidentiality

  • Business Interests


In other words, counter-surveillance can protect you and your family on a personal level, and it can be used to protect your business and employees from those trying to steal trade secrets, financial records, or confidential information.

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